How to clean a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar?

Coffee maker is one of the most useful appliances in the modern home. But over time, as the more you’ll use the coffee maker, the more you’ll notice degradation in the coffee flavor as well as the machine’s performance.

As bacteria, mold, grime, and water impurities grow inside the coffee maker, the coffee maker loses its effectiveness. When this happens, you will understand that it is time to clean up your coffee maker.

Like the other appliance in your home, you need to clean the coffee maker from time to time. Cleaning a coffee maker with apple cider vinegar is a very easy and straightforward way. The high acidity in the vinegar will help to clean the nasty build-ups easily.

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Why should you clean your coffee maker? How Often You Need To Do It?

Keeping your coffee maker clean is important both for your health and for the coffee machine’s efficiency. Organic materials of coffee, heat, and water together make a great circumstance to grow mold and bacteria. Drinking coffee from a dirty coffee maker is both unhealthy and unhygienic.

Another factor that influences the growth of bacteria and germs is the type of water you use. Different types of minerals found in hard water can contaminate the coffee maker. As the more you will use pure and filtered water, the less likely you are to have build-ups.

Like other coffee virtuosos , we recommend cleaning your coffee maker at least once a month. It will definitely contribute to getting a good flavor of coffee and the longest lifespan of coffee machines. 

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Clean a Coffee Maker?

With other cleaning agents like white vinegar, lime juice, and baking soda, you may use Apple cider vinegar. This vinegar is non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning alternatives. However, it offers almost the same benefits as white vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is highly effective at removing coffee maker builds up like minerals and oils. This vinegar can also kill bacteria and mold that grow up inside the coffee maker. 

However, keep in mind

1. Rinse your coffee machine for a few more times if you use this cleaning agent.

2. If you’re using hard water in the coffee machine, you may find the APV is not effective at descaling. Indeed we recommend an EcoDescal solution that does a better job in breaking up the mineral clog up your coffee maker.

7 Steps on cleaning coffee maker with apple cider vinegar

Step 1 – Before starting the cleaning process, empty the carafe and remove the filter.

Step 2 – Fill the water reservoir with water and vinegar. Use vinegar and water at a 50/50 ratio. While dealing with severe buildups, you can use 2 parts of vinegar with 1 part of water.  

Step 3 – Begin the brew cycle and switch off at the midway when half brew is done. Wait for an hour so the APV can sit on the coffee maker, It will help to break up the heavy buildups.

Step 4 – After an hour, switch on the coffee maker and complete the brew cycle. Cool down for a few minutes.

Step 5 – Rinse and repeat the steps 2-4 and do these until you are satisfied with the water lines. 

Step 6 – start rinsing with fresh water. Turn on the coffee maker. Let the clean water rinse the vinegar out.

Step 7 – Wipe down the coffee maker with a fresh kitchen towel. Additionally, Wash carafe and filter with soapy water. Now you can assemble all the parts of your coffee maker and it will be ready to use.

The cleaning process depends on if you are satisfied with how fast it is processing, or how clean the coffee maker is.

Apple cider vinegar vs. white vinegar – what’s the difference?

The main difference between these two vinegar is their color. White vinegar is white in color and apple cider vinegar is brown or even murky. 

White vinegar produced from the fermentation of grain alcohol. It contains 5 percent to 7 percent acetic acid. On the other hand, apple cider vinegar is made through two fermentation processes by extracting liquid from crushing apples. APV contains 5 percent to 6 percent acetic acid. 

Using both of these vinegar is great for cleaning a coffee maker. Although apple cider vinegar has some natural antibiotics that help in killing bacteria and molds. 


You need to clean your coffee maker to get the best taste of coffee. It also ensures peak performance of your coffee maker. Cleaning your coffee maker with apple cider vinegar is a great idea. Apple cider vinegar is good both for your health and it kills bacteria with its natural antibiotic.


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