What is a coffee carafe: Things you need to know

A carafe is a container that contains drinks, such as water, fruit juice, coffee, wine or alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, A Carafe is most commonly used for serving water and juices. However, the shape of the container has no impact on its properties or the flavor of the liquid it holds.

A ‘coffee maker carafe’ is a ‘vessel’ designed to hold a large amount of coffee while keeping it hot. Usually, A coffee carafe is made of glass, but it can also be made with stainless steel, making it more durable and insulating. 

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Technically, a coffee carafe made of glass is known as a Glass Carafe, Whereas a carafe made of stainless steel is referred to as a Thermal Carafe. A hot plate is usually placed underneath the glass coffee carafe to keep it warm and fresh.

The cup measurements on the side of the carafe usually correspond to the measurements of the water reservoir within the coffeemaker. The carafe will have a handle for easy pouring and a removable lid that will allow the brewed coffee to drip into the carafe from the filter area.

Glass carafe vs Thermal carafe : Comparison

Here I differentiate some core characteristics between Glass Carafe Vs Thermal Carafe.

Glass CarafeThermal Carafe
Coffee Level MeasurementYesNo
Vulnerable YesNo
Keep coffee Hot 30 minutes3-4 hours

What is Glass Carafe: Pros & Cons

A glass carafe is simply a glass pot designed to be placed on a hotplate to hold liquids warm. People have been using glass carafe for a longer period of time, maybe much more prolonged than thermal carafes. Nowadays, most of the coffee makers come with a glass carafe. Normally, Glass carafe’s handles are made with wood or plastic. 

With the help of cup measurement, you can quickly track how much coffee is left in a glass carafe and when you will most likely run out of coffee. In addition, you can clean a glass carafe more quickly than a thermal carafe. Besides, a Glass carafe is less expensive than a thermal carafe. 


  • Economical & Cost-efficient.
  • The coffee level can be measured.
  • Great for piping hot coffee.
  • Easy clean.


  • Vulnerable.
  • Keep coffee hot only for 20-30 minutes.
  • You need a hot plate to keep coffee hot for a more extended time. 

What is Thermal Carafe: Pros & Cons

A thermal carafe is a double-walled container that made of stainless steel. There is a vacuum between the walls that helps reduce heat transfer through convection. With minimum heat dissipation, a thermal carafe keeps the coffee warmer for an extended period of time. 

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High-quality materials are used in a thermal carafe. For these reasons, a thermal carafe is durable and longer-lasting than a glass carafe. The outer layer is tough and resistant to force and strain. Buying a thermal carafe is an intelligent option for its longevity and durability.


  • Keep the coffee hot inside for an extended period of time.
  • Keep the coffee aroma and freshness intact. 
  • Great for the commercial coffee business.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Costly.
  • No way to measure coffee level.
  • Heavier than a Glass Carafe.

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Frequently Asked Question About Coffee Carafe:

Is it true that a thermal carafe keeps coffee hot?

Thermal Carafe keeps the coffee hot for a few hours. Instead of using an external heat source (such as a hot plate or microwave) to keep the coffee warm, a thermal carafe uses the coffee’s heat and preserves its fresh flavor. 

Is a glass carafe better than thermal carafe?

A hot plate is used to keep coffee warm in glass carafes. This means that a thermal carafe is probably a better choice if you want to keep coffee fresher for a more extended period of time. However, a glass carafe is a smart choice if you want piping hot coffee and usually finish the whole carafe in under 20 minutes.

The key difference between Decanters and Carafes? 

The difference between a carafe and a decenter is in its design, shape, and function. Decanters are elongated vessels used to aerate and oxygenate wine for special occasions. On the other hand, carafes are elongated pots used to serve coffee, juice, water, juice.

How to clean a Glass Carafe?

If you want a deep clean, simply fill the coffee carafe with white vinegar and leave it overnight. Pour the vinegar into a separate container, then thoroughly clean the coffee carafe with hot water and mild soap. After a regular rinse, your carafe is clean.

How to clean a Thermal Carafe?

You need to take a pinch of a dishwasher. Scrub the bottom of your stained cup or carafe with a dishwasher and put hot water to make a paste. Let your pot sit in the sink for about 30 minutes. By following these steps, you can remove coffee stains from the carafe. After that, quickly rinse and wash as you normally do.

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